I am a first year MA student at Cinema Studies-Tisch-NYU. Previously, I finished my BA in the department. Currently, I commute from the non jersey suburbs. Generically, my tastes have gone through many phases. Recently, I have been into tearjerkers/melodramas, documentaries, and ‘independent’ films. In terms of research,  I would like to delve more into the concepts of realism, and identity politics; how does cinema provide us with a different reality or reaffirm our existing one?

I expect to expand my introductory knowledge of film theory. Additionally, I am looking forward to reading how cinema physically/emotionally affects spectators. I hope to gain more insight into how theory can be put into action through different film forms. Moreover, I have casual knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker(XP), Garage Band(iOS). I have little to none production experience. As for other art forms, I enjoy typography, illustration, photography, and  music(all genres). During the semester I would be like to inform myself on the ways in which internet creates and spreads its  own versions of history. Also, I am interested in postmodern theories, in relation to the remix/homage/reboot/remake culture found in the 21st century.





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