The Online Self-Represenation

Typical selfie:


Here, reality star Kim Kardashian West utilizes bright indoor lighting, duck lips and the front camera. This selfie is one of many found in a Kim’s book Selfish;  probably not the first commodified book of self-photography that we will see in the 21st century.





The power couple that is Beyonce and Jay-Z choose to stand pose in front of the world-famous Mona Lisa, Paris’  Louvre Museum. The sharing of this photos illustrates the couple in casual clothing. The photo situates them as works of live-art; all three subjects stare towards the lens of the camera.  This photo was shared on Beyonce’s ‘I Am’ Tumblr blog.

“Don’t disrespect the game like that.”

In light of the fiftieth super bowl this past week month, I have decided to share a remix of 2-time champ, Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens.

the video was compiled by DJ Steve Porter. Due to the juxtaposition of the  sports interview and on-field personas, these types of remixes transform the sports celebrity into something musical, and comedic.   The clip takes part in the fragmented/ non-sourced/quotification Internet pop culture landscape that Kerr illustrates.

PS. I would also recommend Randy Moss and OchoCino/TO remixes