Alternative Theory Assignment

An excerpt from my prospectus:

The spectator of Skin does not sit there in patience, they use their body to respond while their mind is processing the suspenseful and mind-boggling filmic material. With this epistemological approach to audience reception, I would also like to use Baudry’s “Ideological Effects.”  I believe this piece delves into art as being something more than entertainment: art with psychological purpose. Within the context of my thesis: experiencing a film within an enclosed space makes us feel not only entranced but entrapped. Utilizing the theory of  Plato’s cave, Baudry says that moving images give us feelings of experience and immersion. For Baudry, the spectator is held captive. This harsh language is used to describe the theater’s  psychological effects to the torture porn, gore fest that is the original Saw movie. Another movie that causes bodily tension in the audience: nail-biting and eye averting, stomach churning. I would like to explore these response to torture horror and their entrancing nature.

 Furthermore, the film theater becomes a place of entrapment when horrific actions take place on-screen. Audiences reacting to horror films can be seen throughout marketing campaigns. The audience reaction trailer is used to showcase how the film makes people,  by taking night-vision of people jumping and screaming.


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