Watching a Star Wars pre-quel in a Post-Trump Amerikka.

Rogue One was a call to action. This film makes a reference to  the  military-sanctioned torture seen in Abu Ghraib prison back in ’03( trigger warning: torture) 

In this particular scene, the multi-talented Brit Riz Ahmed160711-news-nightof-hp-lg is hooded and captured, while shouting that he knows of a secret  plans.

There is something to be said about the blind swordsman, other wise known as Zatoichi.

Found in the Mortal Kombat franchise: KENSHI.chibi_kenshi_by_misterwanka-d8sevd3

He cannot see, but ‘The Force is within Him.’ Thus, when he dies, those around him take on this presence.

I won’t go off on a Star Wars fan-rant about the definition of ‘the force,’ however, I will say this: If you have ever felt the force to do something about this disastrous global nonsense that we are in, then Now is the time to do, no longer think. Feel your senses at the heightened level that they are now and now that this will only continue, if shocking details about plans for this land’s future are revealed.

I have had the great opportunity of seeing the sites of various sites of Southern Civil Rights Resistance, i.e. Selma, Alabama; Bomb-ingham Mississippi; insidefeature2STONE MOUNTAIN, Georgia;

Memphis, Tennessee; Harlem and Seneca Village, NYC, to say the least. I have seen this  various pieces of White Supremacy and I have felt the spirits of those that they have destroyed.

Most of us were silenced by the DNC.

The Two-party system is one of this land’s greatest illusions.

Amerikkka may have been claimed by the hooded knights, but now is our time, for reclamation. We must do this through artistic and creative means, in order to make our message clear. We will not not stand for feelings of guilt from the election. We will go forth and stake our claim to the land that has way too much blood on its hands already. Enough is Enough, y’all.

Oh yeah…don’t forget: an overwhelming majority of White Women voted for Trump.

too much tea.gif


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