Alternative Theory

“Rethinking Cinema’s Reflexive Properties in the Digital Age”


“The cinema may have the potential to address the complex concept known as ‘realism.’ Viewpoints, also known as “several cinemas”(Astruc) and “ideological effects” create an abundant set of film-authors. From the the end of World War Two to the early Twenty- First Century, perspectives expressed by within international/transnational/national films have the potential to be mobilized. As films travel as cultural texts,  their meanings and understands for people(viewers/audiences) changes. What’s more, the inclusion of certain film performers, otherwise known as stars contribute to the types of meaning that can happen as films become globalized commercial products. “



Above, is an excerpt from my final draft. I am trying to make sense of film in its current digitized state while using the theorists that were speculating about the future of film during the years after World War Two. Additionally, I would like to focus on the reflexive properties of film, and the fact that film has the ability to cross international lines. It important, in my opinion, to rethink the ways that film functions during the contemporary. Instead of updating the theories of the postwar era, I would like to understand them, within a different context.